In 2019, your business needs:

Positive Reviews
Facebook Check-in’s
Customer Referrals
Social Media Followers
VIP list subscribers

What are you doing to ask customers for these vital boosts??

Introducing the FDBK Page!

This simple page will ask customers for feedback & much more!

Plus you'll get 1,000 custom business cards to get them to your fdbk page!

Get your custom FDBK Page & Cards for a ONE-TIME fee of $200!


Your FDBK Page will ask your customers how you did.

If they think you did a good job, they will be asked for a review.

If they don’t, they will be sent to a Feedback page to ask how you can make it right.


Your FDBK Page will tell customers how to check-in on your Facebook Page to enter to win a prize.

Every time a customer checks in on your Facebook page, not only are THEY engaging with you - their friends see it too!

It’s basically FREE word of mouth advertising!


There is no better way to tell people about your business than through referrals.

When one of your happy customers tells his friends about you, you can bet that it carries a lot of weight.

You can turn one side of your cards into a referral card and your page can have a referral link!

(With Referrals)

Social Media Followers

Your FDBK page will ask your customers to follow you on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are like FREE billboards that your customers look at every day!

That’s why growing your followers is so important.

Build a list

Your FDBK Page will ask customers to join your email or text message VIP club.

We’ll tell you how to use these services at no charge!

You will be able to send out deals and offers to those who follow you.

Let’s Go!!!

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